Are There Any Good Dog Supplements For Cats?


Are you fed up of using supplements for cats as if they were some kind of strange foreign product? I am sure that it can be very frustrating when you see your cat dying or going without vital nutrients just because he is not getting the right amount of vitamins or minerals in his food. Even worse many vets have confirmed that these supplements for cats may actually do more harm than good, as some of them contain ingredients that can cause kidney disease. These are the reasons why I would rather recommend the use of natural products to ensure that my cat receives all the nutritional benefits that he needs.

It is very difficult for pet parents to find the right products for their pets because there are just so many different brands out there. Some of them seem better than others, but the sad thing is that most pet parents have no clue as to which of these cat vitamins and pet food supplements are actually beneficial for their feline friends. In this article I will briefly discuss three ingredients, which you should definitely avoid using in any supplements for cats.

The first ingredient that you should absolutely never give to your cat to feed is pet food B vitamins. This includes such brands as TLC Select Cat Food, Purina Premium Adult Formula and Fancy Feast cat food. I personally would avoid these brands altogether, as I feel that the nutritional content is very low, and the fact that they can cause kidney disease has been proven beyond doubt. So, if you want to give your cat something to eat then go for the good brands of pet food.

The second ingredient that you should totally avoid is fish oil. This is because fish oil is known to provide only small levels of essential fatty acids. And because cats are carnivores, they need a significant amount of omega 3 fatty acids in their diet. In addition, the fatty acids found in fish oil are considered very poor dietary nutrition for cats. So, I would definitely recommend you giving your cat a better quality brand of cat food that contains high levels of essential fatty acids.

The third ingredient that you should totally avoid in giving your cat nutritional supplements is mineral oils. Mineral oils contain no nutrients of any sort, so they are not useful for providing your cat with any nutritional benefit. They also clog the urinary tract of cats, and so they can be quite harmful for your pet. So, any supplements for cats which contain mineral oils should be avoided. Instead, look for a product that contains ingredients like corn gluten, rice gluten or fish oil.

supplements for cats
cat supplements

The fourth ingredient that you should absolutely avoid is a cat joint supplement that contains omega-3 fatty acids. Very few supplements for cats contain this essential fatty acid, and if it is present in a supplement at all, it is usually in very small quantities. So, if you want to provide your cat with omega-3 fatty acids, then make sure that you buy a product that is strictly vegetarian. You will also have to read the label of the supplement very carefully – the product should state whether it contains fish oil or other essential fatty acids.

Another one of the nutrients that you should absolutely avoid in supplements for cats is vitamin D. Vitamin D is very important for ensuring that the cat’s bones grow strong and healthy. However, too much vitamin D can cause a number of different medical problems in cats. Cats with insufficiency of vitamin D will develop calcium intolerance, kidney stones and even prostate disease. So, you will have to choose your cat’s supplements very carefully.

And last but not least, avoid any dog supplements for cats that contain ephedra. This substance was banned years ago because it was known to be extremely dangerous for dogs. Although it was legal for cats to take, it was a real risk to give them anything. Fortunately, most of the supplements for cats that contain this ingredient are no longer on the market. If you want to give your cat something to boost his immune system and prevent illness, consider giving him supplements – natural supplements are still better than homeopathic remedies.

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