Dog wipes are quite useful, convenient, safe to use regularly on your dog, and portable. They’re almost as convenient as disposable diapers but specially formulated to address dog odor and to soothe dog irritated skin. Ok, you could just keep using disposable diapers on your dog constantly, but that’s notContinue Reading

pet food

The pet food recall of 2021 was a difficult time for dog and cat owners around the world. Although it may benefit many pet owners by knowing that which pet food contains higher quality ingredients currently federal regulations do not require pet food to disclose to consumers the presence ofContinue Reading

dog and cat

While both dogs and cats love to be around you, it can become very annoying when one of them decides to pee inside your home. This problem is something that many pet owners constantly run into, but there is no reason why you should fear it. Here are some easyContinue Reading